About suneel kumar

Suneel Kumar is a Mumbai based Professional Graphologist (Handwriting and Signature Analyst)

He also operates from Pune and keeps Visiting Various Cities.

He has been a practising Handwriting & Signature Analyst ( Graphologist ) since 1994.

He is also a Numerologist- Vastu Consultant &

Tarot Reader. His Readings, opinion and counseling is very much sought after.

Till Date he has analyzed thousands of Handwritings and Signatures of People from all walks of life.

He is Consultant for :


Personality Analysis through Handwriting and Signature useful for any Individual.


Aptitude and Career selection for Students, career options for anyone.


Parents consult him for Naming of Child, and for Child development and improvement.


Advice on business dealings, for pre-deal advice about clients or prospects, Selection of Partners, pre-lending advice, etc.


HRD of various companies consult him for Pre Selection Process ie. Screening and selection of the job applicants and right candidates, Colleague/ Project compatibility, Promotion and relocation assessment, Strategic managerial planning, Internal Investigation.


His talent is useful in selection/ choosing suitable mate in Matrimonial matters,for Proposal assessment, and for getting more information about Lover, Friend or Fiancée.


He is invited as Guest Speaker by Colleges, Clubs etc and also for Corporate Training sessions.

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