Personality Analysis

Is there more to a personality than what is apparent? Do you wonder about the potential talents hidden in you and your subconscious? Are you the person you project to the outside world or the person that situations compel you to be ? Do you Know the real You?

career options

According to a survey 70% of job failures are due to lack of compatibility with the work chosen or assigned to them. Most people are doing the job they are not suited to, and don’t derive work or Job satisfaction. With career options they can opt for a better choice.


Marriages are made in heaven but one wrong decision can land you in hell in marital ties or spoiled relationships.In your search for a life-partner, you must be hoping for the best. But the waiting and searching period can be stressful. Many questions may arise such as:......

Success in business

Knowledge is power and in Business if you have prior information then your deal, negotiations, will give you positive results With Handwriting analysis you could decide which new venture would be suitable for growth. Knowing trustworthiness ,work efficiency & commitment level of others is vital to take decisions.

corporate issues

Highly useful for Companies for Screening of Job Applicants, Job and Behavioral Compatibility, Promotion and Relocation Assessment, Discreet Information and Inquiry for better performance and for Managerial Strategic planning. Excellent for resolving HR issues and getting the right person for the post. Saves time and Advertisement costs.

signature for success

Your Signature is your Personality projected to the world. There are different keys to a Signature for Success. Does your Signature have a underline or a backstroke? Does your Signature end with dots or flourish? Is your Signature Progressive or Regressive? A change in your Signature can change your Luck and your Life.

About Handwriting Signature Analysis

Handwriting and Signature are keys to your personality. They reveal everything about a person. The way you write and sign reveal the hidden positive or negative traits about of your personality. There are 27 factors of Handwriting Analysis that determine how a person has shaped up as a personality. Are you signed in for success? Do you underline or underscore your Signature? Do you have flourishing strokes? Do you end you Signature with a dot or many dots? All these are keys to your Personality and all can be decifered to know yourself or anyone whom you would like to know more about.

Experience of People and Companies who utilized and benefited from Handwriting and Signature Analysis consultation.

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